Friday, October 8, 2010

Thinking about???

if they are not playing catching with each other, eating, sleeping or destroying the house furniture, what do they do?

they will be thinking what are they going to do next!

baby : hmmm~ which furniture shall i scratch next?? may be the red one!

cupcake : when is dinner time?? i wonder what can food flavor will i get today... well... as long as there is tuna in it... nyum~ nyum~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Give your cat some LOVE

It’s fun to spoil and pamper our cats. Here’s a few tried and true techniques to make your cat’s day. He’ll be purring in no time, and begging you for more attention later.

If your cat is bored and needs a little positive stimulation, here are a few ways to get him purring again. These techniques have been tried and approved by cats my family and I have raised throughout our lives. Most cats respond well to touch, for those who don’t, try to appeal to them with play instead.


Most cats love to be brushed, once they get used to it. Find a brush that doesn’t tug at your pet’s fur, and feels good to him. Make sure the bristles aren’t too sharp. Whatever kind of brush you use, give him a good session, and in no time, he’ll be coming by and hinting for you to do it again.

Kitty massage:

The best way to massage a cat is to gently knead his fur as if you’re kneading dough. Cats love this because it reminds them of being kittens, and how they used to knead their mothers when nursing. Then, skritch him behind the ears, under the chin, down his back and anywhere else that makes him respond happily. Gently rubbing the top of the head with a finger also feels really good to most cats. Some cats even love having their stomachs rubbed. If kitty doesn’t like what you’re doing, he’ll let you know. Let his reactions be your guide.

Communicate with your cat:

It may sound odd, but talking to your cat will help the two of you form a stronger bond. Though the two of you may not fully know what the other is saying, an understanding of one another is developed. By certain behaviors, noises and looks, we know how they work and they get the idea on what gets our attention, too.

Cats add so much to our lives, so it is our duties as pet parents to make their little lives as happy as possible. Show kitty a little extra attention today, and his hearty purr is your thank you for a job well done.